Experiment #7 Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

Setting: Cafe restaurant right after the lunch rush.

Sarah: (Walking behind the counter where the registers are with her hands full of plates humming and singing. The plates make a loud crash as they are dropped into the food bin.)

Ricardo: (Peering over the food window) That was crazy my friend!

Sarah: I know! I am glad it is over. We got awesome tips though!

Ricardo: That is great! I can take my wife to a nicer restaurant this year. Are you doing anything for Valentines Day my friend?

Sarah: Sigh, no plans. I will probably rewatch season 3 of Sex and The City and order some takeout.

Caleb: (coughs behind the register)

Sarah: Oh I am so sorry, I didn't realize you were standing there. How are you doing today? (Clumsily rushes toward the register)

Caleb: It is no problem, I didn't mean to interrupt. I am doing well thanks...Happy Valentines Day.

Sarah: Thank you, you too. (smiles and pauses) What can I get for you?

Caleb: I will get the arugula salad and a latte please.

Sarah: That will be $12.20.

Caleb: (hands her his debit card) I couldn't help but over hear that you're free tonight.

Sarah: I am.

Caleb: Would you like to go to a comedy show tonight.

Sarah: I would love that.



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