Experiment #1 The Dentist Chair and Talking Turtle of Inspiration

It was 2:30 in the afternoon. The sun was shining through the blinds, projecting lines on the mustard yellow wallpaper. I sat in the gray dentist chair, anxiously waiting for the dentist to arrive. I kept questioning why hadn't I made the appointment to get my wisdom teeth pulled for a later date? Christmas was in 4 days and instead of eating turkey, and cookies, I will be eating mashed potatoes and smoothies. Why do we even have wisdom teeth? What purpose do they serve other than an annoyance.
I surveyed the room. There was a large picture of a family all smiling on a beach to the left of me and a big window in front of me. The lines from the window made it feel like I was in prison. It made it even feel more like a prison because I knew I couldn't leave.  All of the dentist's tools were on a metal tray in front of me and a big light was shining directly on my chest. My heart started to pound. I already had the bib around my neck. Man why was the dentist taking so long. He had already given me the anesthesia, but I felt more alert than ever.
I heard someone whisper something to me.
I looked around, but the dentist was not back yet.
I heard it again, but I knew it wasn't him.
I looked down and realized it was one of the turtle cartoons on my bib.
"Hey, relax!" said the turtle.
I just sat in shock, I could feel my jaw open. Was I going crazy?
Turtle: "I said relax. I can feel your heart pounding through the bib. I've been through a million of these, you'll be fine I promise."
I was so puzzled I couldn't even think of what to say. Was I really going to have a conversation with a turtle?
Turtle: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"
I blurted out, "How are you even talking?"
"How are you even talking?" the turtle replied.
I laid back feeling dizzy.
Suddenly the light above was no longer shining on my chest, but was directly in my eyes. I squinted out of discomfort and suddenly saw the dentists shadow come in to view.
"All done! You were one of my easiest patients." Dr. Doolittle told me.
"Great, it must have been a dream," I said relieved that I wasn't loosing my mind. Dr. Doolittle took my bib off and I swear I saw that little turtle wink at me.


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