Experiment #6

what was it like to grow up without church clothes?

what does it do for anyone to listen to a pervert in a sheet, telling you when to sit, when to stand, and when to speak?

does it teach a child to be kind to think they might go to the burning flames of hell if they choose to be blind?

does it teach compassion to be religious, or do you pass the homeless person begging for change?
do you continue to walk by staring at your $60 shoes making sure a glance is not exchanged?

can you tell me the difference

from the child that sits in church clothes every Sunday
and the child that runs and plays

pick flowers and pick weeds
pick lemons and pick oranges
climb a fence and climb a tree
what do you see?

fuck someone you love
fuck someone you don't
fuck someone who loves you
tell me the difference

wear your button up and fancy shoes everyday and then tell me did wearing church clothes on Sunday help you?


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