Experiment #5 In Media Res

I sat in a little ball with my arms around my knees, holding them as tightly and as close to my chest as I possibly could. I could hear the fighting, the screaming, the gunshots in the distance, but I was supposed to wait here. So I waited. I kept tapping my foot incessantly. As I sat awaiting my doom, our doom.
My back was against a big oak tree. There were hardly any leaves on the tree, there were only a few that had not fallen yet. I looked up at the sky and saw clouds of smoke. Even in the dark they were visible. I had a large gash on my knee from my fall earlier today. It was starting to scab, so I started to pick at it. It helped relieve some of the anxiety I was having. A small amount of blood started to ooze out from the spot of the scab I had just picked. I watched the blood begin to slither down my leg. The gash didn't even hurt. Through all that I had endured these past two months it almost felt enjoyable, therapeutic even. This was the least amount of pain I had felt in a while.
My thought was quickly interrupted. Suddenly I felt the ice cold metal rim against my temple.
"Where are you from?" an angry, deep voice, yelled at me.
"I...I...I'm f...f..from" I tried to stutter out. The fear was crippling that I couldn't even move my neck to look at the unknown voice. It felt as if I was wearing a permanent neck brace that left me unable to bend or move my head.
"I...I...I'm from inklspire." I managed to mutter out. I don't know how, but I did. I still couldn't look up, so instead I looked down. I was met with 4 pairs of feet circled around me. My eyes traced the metal toed boots upward, up the green and black cargo pants, for my eyes to be met with 4 rifles pointed straight at me, not including the one against my head. Shit.


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