Experiment #14 Write the last Scene

I have been intensely interested in the show Bates Motel, and the original movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock, which it is based on. The show ended in a different way than I had hoped, so I thought it may be fun to take on this experiment and end it in the way I wanted it to end.

Romero begins walking up the massive staircase. His hands start to shake as he approaches the front door. Memories of joy and sadness begin to overwhelmingly rush to him. He remembers carrying Norma up these steps the day they got married, walking up them with her with groceries, listening to her talk on and on about the motel patrons, and he remembers carrying her down these steps the day of her death. He knows that no one is home, but he still gets anxiety as he opens the door. Everything in the house looks exactly the same. The furniture is in the same place. Even the photos and knick knacks look just as they did when Norma was still alive. The only difference was that the once immaculate house was now dark and dingy with all of the curtains pulled and everything was covered in dust. Romero surveyed the house to double check that no one was there. He began to walk up the banister up to the second story so he could take a look at Norma's old bedroom, their old bedroom. He entered, slowly opening the door. It still smelled of her perfume. To his surprise her room was clean unlike the rest of the house. There was no dust, the curtains were wide open, and her robe was even hanging on the back of the door like it always did. It seemed as if she was still alive. A tear fell from his eye as he sat on the bed to contain himself. He walked to the window and saw Norman's car approaching. He begins to shake, a droplet of sweat runs down his forehead. He knows what he has to do. As Norman gets out of his car and heads toward the house and up the staircase, Romero darts down the stairs and goes to the kitchen. In the seconds it takes Norman to walk up to the front door he notices something is off, the front door is slightly open. Romero is watching Norman and is realizing that he knows someone is in the house. Knowing Norman's past he immediately tries to find a weapon. He looks all around him and cannot find anything to defend himself. Norman rushes into the house quickly, but quietly. He knows someone is inside. Romero has no intent on hiding from Norman he wants to confront him where he stands. Norman is greeted with Romero's sick smile and a knife in his hand. He has had enough; he is angry, he is hurt, he is fuming with the passion to kill Norman. Only with his eyes he begins to imagine himself killing Norman before he realizes he is on top of Norman repeatedly stabbing him right in his heart where he had done to him a thousand times.


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