Experiment #8 Idea for a Video Game

My idea for a video game is a role playing game. Similar to Grand Theft Auto you will switch around from different characters. The two main characters are William, who is a criminal. He kidnaps the other character you play, Elizabeth, the prime minister of England's daughter. William has no wanting to hurt Elizabeth. He strictly kidnaps her for a sum of three hundred thousand pounds. The person who hired William keeps pressuring him to raise the stakes, treat her more harshly, and in the end possibly kill her. You will see that William has a troubled past, having to raise himself by pretty much by himself by the age of 14.
You also play Elizabeth, the one kidnapped. You see parts of her life, past and present. Although she is the prime ministers daughter and is idolized by many, she is not someone to look up to. She has bullied many and has her own criminal past that she has gotten away with because of her father's position.
I want this video game to be a story mode video game and one in which you basically choose the story. You can sympathize with both characters. On different conversation choices you have and choices you make the characters do you choose their fate. I want their to be four scenarios that can happen, based on how you make the characters.
1. William kills Elizabeth.
2. Elizabeth escapes and tells on William. William subsequently kills himself.
3. William and Elizabeth become friends during the kidnapping and both become better people. William and Elizabeth end up getting married ten years later.
4. William lets Elizabeth go. They both better themselves and live separate lives.


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